Dr. Shyu is a beautiful human being with exceptional skills.

The first time that I arrived at his office I thought that I would give myself one more chance to get naturally pregnant, although I did not believe that could be possible. I did acupuncture, changed my diet and drink his natural herbs. Approximately one year after I started the treatment with him I got pregnant of my first baby (a healthy, beautiful daughter); exactly one year and 12 days after I delivered my daughter I had my second baby (a handsome, healthy son). There are no words to explain how happy I am with my babies. I always made a joke with the father of my children that Dr. Shyu “made us pregnant.” Now I am back to Dr. Shyu to get focus again to take a very important test in my life.

If you need a good “Guru” he is your best choice!!! I highly recommend Dr. Shyu. Also he is a wonderful father and husband! Thank you so much Dr. Shyu for being part of our lives!

~ Cassia E. , San Francisco, CA

Dr. Po-lin is easily the best acupuncturist I’ve ever worked with, even while I was studying with his teacher!

He is jolly, patient, accessible and super knowledgeable.

He works with Tui Na (the Chinese equivalent of chiropractic) and is a master with herbs, as well as needles, cupping, moxa, etc…

Just follow his advice and you’ll be well on your way to radiant health!

~ Brian S , Berkeley, CA

Go to him for fertility issues. I did and I am now 4 months pregnant on my first try with ivf.

His herbs , the belly massage and the acupuncture together assisted me with my ivf process and I got pregnant the first ivc transfer , selective single embryo transfer. I am 38. I had to do three egg retrievals, with a rest month in between and so this all started in September of 2012 and I had ivf on Easter 2013.

Today in June I am at 3 months , past the worry of miscarriage, for the most part. I was told in late 2011 that FSH was 22 and my AMH was less than .1 . my odds of conceiving were very very very low. And I am pregnant. I think probably if I had retested those levels after working with Dr Shyu and his staff I would have had better levels. The levels are known to improve with acupuncture COUPLED WITH the diet the your acupuncturist recommends.

By the way my antral follicle count on day 3 was just 7, very low amount of eggs left. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE GOOD EGG.

~ Kristin B , San Francisco

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